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    Please Help Me Decide

    Also no need for you to apologize, I am well aware of my ignorance in these matters and simply responding to my inquiry requires your time and attention so I am very grateful. My next step will be to speak with a dealer to determine some of my options. I am a little worried about trying to be sold to without being incredibly well informed, but I am happy to keep an open mind and try to go down this path based on yours and Denver's recommendations. As for why I ended up on D-F Color, it is more of a personal preference. I have actually looked at a lot of stones and while I will be the first to admit that I don't have a great eye for picking up differences in faceting and light return, I am pretty sensitive to color gradients, and G is when I am able to start noticing a bit of a change. There are a lot of factors that go into how a diamond shows so I am sure there are some G diamonds that I wouldn't mind, but if I had a choice I would want to go with F and up.
  2. NeedsHelp_72

    Please Help Me Decide

    David, Thanks for your response. I apologize if I am putting my cart before the horse. This is a new process for me and it is a bit overwhelming, so I would prefer to get advice from people here who are much more knowledgeable than I on this subject. If the advice is to work with a vendor to have them help me find the right stone, then I will respect that and go down that path and I appreciate the feedback. Denver, Please see my notes below: Cut / Symmetry: Both Excellent as I have read that these are particularly important traits for oval diamonds. I opened it up to Very Good and the diamonds listed above still rose to the top (at least in my eyes) L/W: 1.35 - 1.50 which is personal preference Depth% 58% - 62% - A quick internet search on ideal oval dimensions returns these numbers a few times Table% 53% - 63% - A quick internet search on ideal oval dimensions returns these numbers a few times
  3. NeedsHelp_72

    Please Help Me Decide

    Thanks for your response DenverAppraiser. I ended up at those specs starting with my price point and beginning a search. From the diamonds that came up, it it seems as though the stats that I provided were pretty consistent (for example, BlueNile came up with >50 stones when inputting those parameters as well as adding filters for Cut, Symmetry, L/W, Depth% and Table %). The three diamonds that I listed were the three that stood out to me as potentially the top performers (I could be completely off, however). I filtered through a lot of F and E Colored stones as well as VS2 and VS1 stones, but these seemed to me to have the best faceting and light return of what I found. I am curious to get your thoughts on the diamonds above. Am I way off in my ability to spot a good diamond or are these examples of good stones? Best, NeedsHelp
  4. NeedsHelp_72

    Please Help Me Decide

    I am looking to propose soon, and in my research for the perfect diamond, I stumbled across this site. I have learned a ton thanks to everyone's expertise, but in learning a lot, I have come to the realization that I don't have a great eye for diamonds that will perform better than others. I would like to purchase an oval diamond for my significant other as I feel it is a shape that she will truly love, but in my research, it seems that one can't go by a set of measurements or statistics to determine how well an oval diamond will perform, rather, it needs to pass the eye test, which admittedly is not something I am very good at. That being said, some of the requirement I have been working with include:1) $15K max budget on the stone2) 1.0 - 1.5 Carats3) D - F Color4) Eye CleanBelow are a few diamonds I found which seem good to me , but I really don't trust my own judgement. Any thoughts on these stones or suggestions on others that anyone from this forum have stumbled across that meet the criteria above would be incredibly helpful. Thanks in advance for your help!