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  1. Hi Guys, I am newbie and so happy came across this forum. I started looking for a nice diamond for an engagement ring and after a little bit of research realized how much I don't know and so many factors influence the diamond beyond the 4C's. Recently learned about the HCA numbers but after reading a bit more realized it a rejection tool not so much select the right diamond. I am looking for a 2 carat, I or better and VS1 or above and my budget is about $20k for the diamond Can you please tell my if any of these diamonds are good? Thank you,
  2. Bill_Always

    Need your advice---please help me choose a good one

    Thank you for your detailed reply and the tip on removing referral link...I have edited the post and taken them off- didn't realize they were not part of the link. Is the 2.21 Carat OK as well...I think my finance will appreciate the size. Also is this diamond any good? Thank you