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    Please Help Diamond Comparison

    Hi there, The 3 stones are all sold through different types of retailers. 1.8 Ct is sold through a store in downtown LA Both the 1.7 are sold through a private diamond seller. Not sure if that info helps or not. Let me also re type the GIA for that stone you said did not work. GIA-2337712640
  2. Takwaba2

    Please Help Diamond Comparison

    Hi, I am currently in the process of buying an engangement ring and need to move a bit quick here. I am so new to diamonds and do not know much so looking for professional unbiased help. Can I get as many responses as possible to which stone I should choose. This will be for an oval shaped diamond on a 14 ct yellow gold solitaire ring. 1.8 Ct Oval Color E Si2 Gia- 6315797095 --- $12,275 1.7 Ct Oval Color F Si2 Gia- 2337712649 ----$12,900 1.7 CT Oval Color G Si2 Gia- 1318764593 --- $12,500 Please help any let me know what im missing with each diamond.