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  1. Again thank you, David! All very helpful - my gut feeling says I can do better and unfortunately the search continues, although I'm sorta running out of time as I was planning on proposing in 3-4 weeks on a trip. Do you have any recommended websites/vendors that I can continue the search online? I've looked at a few local jewelers (I'm based in San Francisco) and big brand companies such: Blue Nile & Brillant Earth and did a quick search on the diamond finder on this forum.
  2. Hi David, really helpful. THANK YOU. I've been talking to Yadav and they provide the following specifications on the website, they also have a video as well. I can ask about the 8 pavilions and 8 crown angles. Although B2C is significantly cheaper at $30,894. - https://www.yadavjewelry.com/diamond/oval-diamond-2.99-carat-h-vvs1-yd8142213
  3. Looking for honest feedback on this diamond - shape: Oval; Color: H Carat: 2.99 Ct.Clarity: VVS1 Cut: Excellent Lab: GIA, - https://www.yadavjewelry.com/diamond/oval-diamond-2.99-carat-h-vvs1-yd8142213 - https://s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/finestargroup/CertiImages/2327841616.pdf- https://www.withclarity.com/diamond/2328755936/2.99-Oval-H-VVS1-Excellent?utm_source=rarecarat&utm_medium=cpc - https://www.withclarity.com/diamond/2328755936/2.99-Oval-H-VVS1-Excellent?utm_source=rarecarat&utm_medium=cpc Measurements: 11.46 - 8.21 x 5.08 Fluorescence: Strong Depth: 61.8% Table: 58% Crown Angle: 35.0° Crown Height: 14.8% Pavilion Angle: 40.3° Pavilion Depth: 43.5% Culet: None L/W Ratio: 1.4 I was looking to spend less, to be honest, looking for an oval in a range of 2.7- to-3.0 carat range. The biggest factor I'm scared about is the fluorescence being Strong and clearly it being a bad diamond for my future wife and spending this type of money.