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    Your Diamond expertise

    Hi Davide, this is real help what you do ! Thanks for taking the time to write all this that detailed to me ! I have chosen the 0.733 ct. There was the hope that.... bigger etc, but I also compared the 0.1mm difference and draw that on a paper and, as you said, was hard to see the difference. I was then blended by the bits of more ct, the color and clarity even I've read this before online that it is not that visible for the eye. You brought be back in the right position. Thank you for being part to find a great gift for an incredibly great and loving person. THANK YOU Andreas
  2. Andi Stahl

    Your Diamond expertise

    Hi David, thanks for your advice and please excuse the confusion. I am generally interested in a Princess or Radiant. I have, as you correctly interpreted, meanwhile focused on the Princess. Yes, the information you give me regarding color and clarity is exactly what I need! Thanks for that. And the quality of Whiteflash seems to be confirmed everywhere, including you. What I was trying to do with this post was to find a larger stone that had at least a similar “fire / sparkling” effect to that of Whiteflash. Do you or someone else in this forum have a suggestion for a larger stone which, as you say, still looks colorless and has by eye no visual inclusions but has a good fire with max for 3kUSD? Cheaper is very welcomed My listed don't seem to represent this. I have now listed a few stones that are slightly larger. All were selected with ideal cut, symmetry and polish: 1) 2) (> measures will be a jump but I guess that the table is too big/flat to allow fire?) 3) ( I‘ve tried to avoid that amount but if it’s worth it ?!) Another option at Whiteflash is stone: with very nice measures. But color is F and above 3kUSD So by now I have a recommendation for Whiteflash 0.733ct. Is one of the other stones able to change your recommendation? I‘m also open for other stones which I was unable to find. Thank you so much David best- Andreas
  3. Andi Stahl

    Your Diamond expertise

    HI All, is there anybody who can help ? Deadline is Monday. Thank you so much Andreas
  4. Andi Stahl

    Your Diamond expertise

    Hello everyone, I have a request for you. I want to buy an engagement ring and look for the matching Princess or Radiant diamond. I have been dealing with the topic for a week and have read and understand a lot, but unfortunately no practical experience how to recognize a diamond that is good value for money and has a great fire. After countless consultations with the respective dealers, I have now selected the following stones. I would be so grateful if you would. I am happy to accept a suggestion from you which was not within my scope. My stones found: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) My budget was actually around $ 2500 for the stone. But I'm also ready to go a little higher. If it's cheaper, that's a good thing. On the one hand I want the stone to be a certain size or as big as possible, but I don't want to miss the wonderful shine and fire. With the local dealers there are the top lines like "a cut above" or "true hearts" or Astor. Unfortunately, with my budget there is onlya lower carat number available or none at all. Hence the attempt to find a beautiful stone with anideal cut, symmetry and polish. FOr sure I like to have them in a more white color like E, F, G.My favorite so far is No: 1) I like that for the ct the dimension is nearby 0.5mm (4,92mmX4.92mmx3.62), so a bit bigger than the other 0.73ct I have listed. + the overall impression on Whiteflash is great to me. 2) Thats the latest one I have looked at and blocked it at JA. Wondering a bit thta with 0.8ct the dimension is nearby similar than 1). Anyhow, I would appreciate your help ans suggestions on my search. I need to give a feedback to WF and JA until Monday next week. It would be very nice if you can help me here. THank you so much Andreas from Stuttgart, Germany