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    Are GSI reputable and reliable certifications?

    Thanks so much! It's a simple cathedral setting in white gold. And a thin setting at that. Based on comparable settings I am seeing on line, it can't retail for more than $700. I am definitely not feeling this was a decent buy, let alone a good buy. Full grading is Shape/Cut: Round Brilliant Weight: 1.25 Color Grade: I Clarity Grade: SI2 Policy/Symmetry: Very Good Cut Grade: Very good Treatment: None Measurements on the stone are 6.67 - 6.59 x 4.35. This is a rather deep stone from what I can find online. I think it's going back. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I just received a 1.25 carat diamond that is rated by GSI (Gemological Science International) as Color I, Clarity SI2, Policy and cut as very good. I am not convinced that we got value for our dollar. It feels like my husband fell for their "retail price is $15k, your price is $10k" and stopped looking from there. I question whether any jeweler would take a 30% hit right off the top but when I price out similar rings online, $10k is still high. Granted little overhead with places like Blue Nile, but still. I am really interested in hearing feedback regarding GSI and it's value. Thanks!