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  1. Hello, thanks for the guidance. I do not feel that they “owe” me anything, but I do appreciate your thoughts on them valuing all their customers and your advice to reach out to them. We will likely be purchasing more pieces from them in the future and excellent customer service goes a long way with us. I simply wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to reach out and ask them if they would consider giving me a ring box to go with my ring.
  2. Hi! Thanks for taking the time to reply! I wondered if sterling silver rings may not receive the same “treatment”, though for $400 I sure hope it does! It was purchased about a week ago directly from Tiffany online. I may try and go visit a store and bring my receipt/paperwork and politely ask for a ring box... I don’t like to put myself in unnecessary, awkward positions so hopefully someone who has recently been in this situation will chime in. Thanks again!
  3. Hi! I recently received a Elsa Peretti ring from Tiffany’s (it’s the Curved band ring in sterling silver with a diamond). It was ordered online and came in the mail with a small paper Tiffany bag, cardboard gift box, and small blue pouch. Does anyone know why my ring didn’t come in an actual ring box like most jewelers? Are ring boxes strictly only for their engagement rings? This is my wedding band so I would like to have the classic ring box to keep my ring in when I’m not wearing it and I’m unsure of whether it’s appropriate to go into a Tiffany store and ask for a ring box? Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!