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    Thank you.
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    Hello experts , Could you please give me your opinion on the following. Which order would you choose? 1) 1.2 ct , Ideal cut, I color, VS2 2) 1.16 ct, Ideal cut, F color, SI1 clarity 3) 1.12 ct, Ideal cut, I color, VS1 4) 1.09 ct, Ideal cut, I color, VS1 clarity Thank you.
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    The only challenge is with the high resolution images and 360 views, its really becoming difficult to know if it is eye clean. Whats your opinion on this?
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    I did a search to see the what i would get with good proportions. I couldn't find anything bigger than 1 ct for that price on bluenile. Essentially I can buy a bigger rock (with lesser performance) which will look same size as a well cut 1 ct or little under for the same price.
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    Very interesting. Thank you for the explanation. So with the steep crown and pavilion angles and thick girdle, this is one ugly looking diamond for the price.
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    Hi All, I was browsing through Bluenile and came across this diamond. I just cant understand these proportions. 60% table and 63.8% depth. That big table and that deep? Can you please throw some light. Thank you.