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  1. Thanks David for all your help I have been using this to measure with what's your opinion on these Thanks in advance Peter
  2. Good Evening David there are 0.02 carts Diamonds 0.2 x 48= 0.96 0.02 carts Baguette 0.2 X 60 = 1.2 The Total carat Weight 2Crt .16 this looks wrong to me what do you think it looks like lot more Carat weight in them have I done something wrong Thanks in advance Peter
  3. Thanks David for all your help Kind regards Peter
  4. thanks David for you quick reply so do you measure the diamonds & Baguette say there is 20 Baguette and 20 diamonds 20 Baguette 0.2 carats = and say 20 Diamonds at 0.2 = How many points in a carat so when you get the answer do yo multiply by 2 to earrings sorry stupid question Thanks in advance Peter
  5. Help with caulating the Carat weight of these earrings please Thanks in advance Peter