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  1. So sorry again , I shoulda adding this on the end of the last msg, I am gonna follow your advice 100% Believe it or not cause ,,I know your right
  2. No my apologies once again , And u r absolutely true 2 your words and B4 I get carried away once again , I am truly thankful that u responded , Please believe this (even tho iT's a big ask) Thankyou
  3. If possible please bear wit me If not totally understandable 1once again Sorry
  4. Yep my bad did I honestly not put 6 I'm soooo sorry This is soo embarrassing of me (or should I say dumb) Please 4give me ,jus goes 2 show clearly imma beginer
  5. Like I don't wanna b rude in anyway but quartz have 6 points 2 them don't they? I've counted most of them and they actually have 4 pints and doesnt quartz break Coincidally? Please don't think I'm trying 2 disreputable u in anyway I'm new 2 this But if u think lve said anything wrong jus let me know I'll happilly follow any advice that is decent