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  1. Joon16

    Black by DG or Signature H&A?

    Very good advice. I think saving the extra cash might be a good idea. I’m sure we’ll have many expenses coming up in the next year. I’d be happy with either but going with the 2.1 to save some money and I’ll get it sooner. You’ve give me some good advice and insight into all this. Much appreciated!
  2. Joon16

    Black by DG or Signature H&A?

    Ok so I have an option here. I can get my custom 2.2 carat which is guaranteed to be a "Black", G color, and VS2. Or there is a 2.1 I can get that will not be a "Black" but it is a VS1 and costs 3k less. Still a color G. I would basically be trading off the "Black" label for an upgrade to VS1 as well as saving 3k. Is it worth it? Parameters of the VS1 (Signature Series) are: Pavillion - 40.8 Crown - 34.2 Table 57.1
  3. Joon16

    Black by DG or Signature H&A?

    Not at all! There is never TMI when making a purchase like this. There are also so many conflicting opinions out there so it's good to have as much as possible. I had a feeling that the color wouldn't make much of a difference but mentally getting into the colorless range sounded appealing. And with some people saying over 2 carats you should go VS1 minimum, I really struggled and still am with that one. Brian ensures a VS2 and even SI1 str eye clean and there is no reason not to trust him. I assume his cut can hide a lot of these inclusions, but spending all this money and running that risk is still a scary thought.
  4. Joon16

    Black by DG or Signature H&A?

    Thanks for the info. So basically the extra 3-4k to upgrade either aspect is not really worth it visually. I think this question was more of a mental thing for me. Since I tried to get the best cut available, that mentality started to leak into the other aspects of the diamond.
  5. Joon16

    Black by DG or Signature H&A?

    I recently contacted the folks at Brian Gavin to have a custom cut "Black" diamond. I am looking at a 2.2 carat, G color, VS2. Surprisingly, they came in right on my budget which I wasn't expecting so I kind of thought I could use the extra money I expected to spend to upgrade on quality of the stone. Would it be more beneficial to go with an F color or go to VS1? Not sure the price impacts of either upgrade, but wanted to make sure I made the best decision. Any advice is greatly appreciated.