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  1. That's why I will buy this one ! "Croisons les doigts" Encore merci 😃
  2. Thanks for your advices. I will consider it as it is, an old and simple piece of our Earth. It's definitely not an investment for me, I want something special. Nothing more. I was asking about proportions cause so many diamonds are ruined by ugly cut. Here, I wonder if proportions are "good" but for a small diamond it will be "good enough" I guess. For solitaire, nothing is certain right now Thanks.
  3. My first intention was to keep it yes. I talked about a solitaire just in case and 0.42c can make a nice clean and standard ring (in my opinion but I can be wrong).
  4. You summed it all. I will train my English. I already considered looking for a larger diamond in E/F and VVS/VS/SI range at same price. I was looking for that kind of "perfection" stone I picked by myself in order to keep a little piece of eternity in my vault. If in the future I can set it up on a solitaire ring it will be fine but on the other hand I can keep it and/or gift it to someone I really love (family, friend, part of my heritage ... ). I also think that (at same price) a triple EX + D + FL/IF loose diamond with it's attached certification is a "better" gift than a SI or VS one. So yes, If proportions are quite fine, I prefer a 0.42c EX/EX/EX over a E/F + VS1/VS2 0.5c diamond. And if I want to resell it I guess that can be an asset. No ? It's all about feelings I guess. Thanks for your help !
  5. Hello, I'm new here and quite new in diamond's world but I was looking for a nice little diamond (probably for a "discreet" solitaire) and I found this one: A very small but cute 0.42c triple EX and FL diamond with interesting proportions I guess (see attachments). You can find this one on the Diamond Finder and on several retailers websites. Living in France (ola poor English speaking) I was thinking about order the diamond using BlueNile but I'm afraid about their huge amount of negative reviews but VAT is included so it's way far easy for me ... So, please, tell me ... what do you think ? Is this diamond a fair one for a simple and efficient solitaire (FL and 3EX is probably "overkill" but diamond sounds like perfection isnt it ?) Is Blue Nile a scam or just bombed by bad reviewers ? Thanks a lot, really. EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention that I have a 20x Eschenbach loupe ... Should I be able to check laser inscription ?