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  1. dcgear

    Opinions on this diamond

    Thanks for the link Davide, good read for sure!
  2. dcgear

    Opinions on this diamond

    Just an update on this: They told me that the diamond is eye clean but has a slight bluish effect from the very strong fluorescence.
  3. dcgear

    Opinions on this diamond

    Thanks for the example. It actually looks quite interesting. I called the jeweler and they told me they will do a report and have someone check it over. Then let me know if they observe any cloudiness/haze, in addition to seeing if the inclusion is eye clean before I decide to have it sent to me. They also told me that usually if any cloudiness is present it would be written in the comments of the GIA report?
  4. dcgear

    Opinions on this diamond

    Thanks for the response! How would I go about testing the haziness/oiliness in the sunlight? Is that something I can visually see or would I need a tool for it? The Jeweler has a good return policy so I will have a chance to see in person but I won't have anything else to compare it to.
  5. dcgear

    Opinions on this diamond

    Thanks for the input Davide, I forgot to mention that it has a florescence of very strong blue. Is this a concern? Could the D color plus the strong blue be a bad thing?
  6. dcgear

    Opinions on this diamond

    Thanks for your response LaurentGeorge! I did read that for GIA graded VS2, you generally would not see the inclusions unless it was under 10x magnification however, I’ve read that in some cases it can still be seen by the naked eye. As you mentioned about some people having better eyes. Is the rest of the diamond good enough otherwise that it would make up for the inclusions (based on the proportions will it provide good fire and brilliance?) or would you recommend that I should avoid and look for a different stone?
  7. dcgear

    Opinions on this diamond

    Hi everyone, I am considering this diamond and would like to know your opinion! 1.09carat color D VS2 cut, symmetry, polish - excellent L/W ratio - 1.01 Florescence - Very Strong Blue It has a crystal inclusion on the table and I don’t have enough experience to tell if that will be eye clean. Would like to get your thoughts on the proportions and the stone in general. Thank you!