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    Be Aware Of Www.diamond.ca

    I had my gorgeous engagement and wedding ring set made by diamonds.ca in 2007 and to be absolutely honest the quality is top notch and no problems like tarnishing or stones falling out till now which is 2019. However the president/designer/sales person is a rather unfriendly and impatient guy and has a condescending attitude like he's doing you a favor. Whereas it's a business and our purchase is your livelihood so be happy dude ; right? Now I had no complaints till now and even referred several couples to this business. Recently though I had to call and ask if he'd be able to resize and enlarge my rings. I called and left a message no return call. I called several times and then he finally answered and asked for a picture and details to me emailed. It's been 3 months now, I keep calling and leaving messages even my husband called and still no reply. Like how hard is it to call back or answer the phone and tell me sorry I won't do it for you? Why so passive aggressive? Why you keep me hanging? I would rather he does it and charge me than to have to trust my ring to someone else. But if he can't just be honest and say so. So disappointed and upset about this. He makes great rings though.