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    Diamond Clouds.

    Thanks for your input. I did notice the table was a bit big at 60% and the angles were all in the average areas. I read you want to be in the 54-57%..
  2. trooojan02

    Diamond Clouds.

    I am looking to buy a diamond.. Both looked great when I saw it.. It looked great.. Popped no real downside from the eye.. I got the GIA report from and there seemed to be large clouds but not on the table. H clarity 1.4c vs2.. Attached is the GIA. The other 1.51 but has some clouds and inclusions on the table, but nothing noticeable w/ the naked eye. H clarity 1.52 S1 Just want to make sure both are a good buy and which might preferable. the 1.51 is $900 more