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    Bought Engagement Ring With Knot Help!(Si1)

    I’m relieved to something positive! The folks over at pricescope didn’t think very highly of it. I know that shouldn’t matter but I must admit, I was having a panic attack for a few days. I don’t know much about stones. 😕
  2. reneli

    Bought Engagement Ring With Knot Help!(Si1)

    You are so right! I was having second thoughts because the stone technically doesn’t fall under “ideal specs” even tho it’s an excellent cut. I am relived about the knot.
  3. reneli

    Bought Engagement Ring With Knot Help!(Si1)

    Any opinions on the cut of the stone?
  4. I might have gotten myself into a predicament guys. I recently purchased a diamond, Si1 Triple excellent. My girlfriend picked it out she loves it, it is to be her engagement ring. It looks to be eye clean and reflects light very nice. I looked at it from multiple angles as did she and didn't really pick up on the inclusions. After the fact i started reading up on the inclusions listed in the GIA report and started reading up on Knots..... Needless to say, i am now worried about the structural integrity of the ring. I negotiated them down quite a bit in price, which led them to a no return policy, i can however exchange the diamond if i am not happy with it. My question is, how bad is this Knot in my ring? I will say that the place that i purchased from has a lifetime diamond and ring warranty, should anything happen to the ring. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Ive linked GIA report for your review