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  1. THIS BUSINESS IS WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND IGNORE YOU STAY AWAYI have transferred money as a payment for a piece of jewelry and that was September 2018 and after 6 months of IGNORING MY EMAILS AND CALLS he decided that he can't manufacture the order and agreed to refund the money AND TILL NOW I HAVEN'T RECEIVED MY REFUND, IT HAS BEEN A YEARFIRSTLY, HE TOOK MY MONEY AND IGNORED ME SECONDLY, HE AGREED FOR A REFUND YET STILL IT HAS BEEN 6 MONTHS AND NO REFUND SO NOW IT HAS BEEN ALMOST A YEAR NO DELIVERED MERCHANDISE AND NO REFUND PS six months ago after agreeing to refund my money and kept stalling for another two months and I wrote my reviews, he started asking me to remove the reviews otherwise I will not receive my money THERE IS NO POLICY ON THEIR WEBSITE SAYING THAT IF YOU WRITE A BAD REVIEW ABOUT US YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE YOUR MONEY