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  1. msat29

    Assistance required with Fluorescence

    Thanks @davidelevi, appreciate the feedback and encouragement.
  2. msat29

    Assistance required with Fluorescence

    Thanks for the great deal of feedback. I spoke with my jeweler, who's a graduated GIA gemologist, and re-assured me that the inclusion isn't really a cavity, it's more of a natural type inclusion, and is quite small. It was placed under a claw, so under a loup it's almost invisible. The diamond itself looks great, and I believe I paid a very fair price for the stone in comparison to other jewelers, and what online vendors like Rarecarat, Blue Nile and James Allen are selling.
  3. msat29

    Assistance required with Fluorescence

    So GIA graded this as an excellent cut diamond, but according to this article it might not be. And, being a first time diamond purchaser, there's a cavity inclusion. So, I'm so fearful that I made such a bad purchase now 😭
  4. Evening folks. I bought an engagement ring for my girlfriend, thinking it was a great purchase. I'm now having doubts. I began reading more about fluorescence after putting it together and having the jeweler set the stone. Diamond specs are: 1.05 SI1 G triple excellent. Very eye clean and looked lovely. But, it has medium blue fluorescence, and looking at it in daylight worried me, and I may be paranoid, but it looks blue in direct daylight. Thoughts?