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    Inclusions below the center

    Thanks. The reason I'm asking, I have a GIA graded diamond of IF clarity. If I look at it from the side it appears to be quite cloudy near the culet. So if this doesn't effect how the diamond looks when observed from the top - it may not effect the clarity grade ?
  2. shaiko

    Inclusions below the center

    Hello, As far as I understand, in a brilliant cut diamond, inclusions below a certain height point won't have any effect of the "amount and quality" of returned light (when viewed from the top). Is this correct ? If so, will it have any effect on the clarity rating of the diamond ?
  3. Hello, I bought an engagement ring set with a round diamond with a GIA clarity rating of IF. If I look at the diamond sideways (even without magnification) - the top part is very nice and clean. But the lower half (near the culet) is rather opaque. Can a diamond be rated IF and still have such noticeable inclusions ??