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  1. Etranger69

    Is this the perfect one?

    Thank you so much for the quick help David! All my knowledge is based on the Videos and information online. There is no shop in my country where I can actually see those stones. I will go for it then
  2. Etranger69

    Is this the perfect one?

    Hello I need your help again! Could you please let me know what you think about this diamond. Are those ideal proportions and Ideal Hearts and Arrows? I would appreciate your quick reply Adam
  3. Etranger69

    Is this the perfect one?

    Alright, I don't want to over-complicate it ... For me as a technical person it is hard to buy something based on reviews or videos...In my country I'm not able to see any of these stones in real life and light all my knowledge is based on what I read. This stone from my first post will it have a good H&A effect? From all the answers I understand that it is overall alright maybe overpriced but overall this is a good stone. So coming back to H&A which is super extremely hard to find as I was told is this stone having a nice effect of it?
  4. Etranger69

    Is this the perfect one?

    Thank you for all your inputs. I'm trying to find a stone which would have a perfect proportions and also be a H&A at the same time. The person who is helping me was not able to find other stone which would meet my proportions and have a H&A view at the same time. I'm maybe waiting for someone experience tell me this is a good choice and there is nothing better I can found for this money or much cheaper. My criteria H&A - I assume this is not perfect H&A but I'm not able to find other stone in somewhere around 0.5C which would be perfect Below proportions D & IF - I mean I was not aware of that if become flawless after you wear it but still I'm ok to pay for it Table % 54.0% to 55.0% Depth % 61.0% to 62% Crown Angle 34.5° to 35.0° Pavilion Angle 40.6° to 40.8° Lower Girdles 75% to 77% Star Facets 50% to 55% Girdle Thickness T – M – ST
  5. Etranger69

    Is this the perfect one?

    Price is 3900 $ Would u say it is worth it?
  6. Etranger69

    Is this the perfect one?

    Hello, I'm not an expert I tried to research the topic but it is quite complex Could you please guide me if this stone is worth to buy it? I'm looking for perfect 0.5C stone D IF 3EX cut with Hearts and Arrows Link to Would you be able to help me grade Lower Girdles & Star Facets I would appreciate a fast reply Thank you in advance!