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  1. @denverappraiser thank you for your help! I’ll also try to see if I can get comparable diamond shapes and their GCAL to compare to. I wasnt exactly trying to compare this diamond to Tiffany’s though, I was moreso trying to provide some background information on where this particular cut may have originated from... THEN ask if this particular synthetic diamond was a fair diamond to purchase at that price point/if there were any major issues you could find with the specs. Thank you again!!
  2. @davidelevi first off, thank you so much for the clarification and help - it’s truly appreciated as I’ll be making a long commute Tuesday to see this diamond. quick question would be whether the jewelry would be able to provide me those angles that are missing/critical? Secondly, would the jeweller also have access to ASET images of similar stones so that I can compare them? I imagine it will be difficult for me to find them online on my own because it’s such an odd cut. Thank you again!
  3. Background story is that I went into Tiffany's as a suggestion from a friend to try on every cut available to understand what I like. I ended up loving their new Tiffany True, which is an "exclusive" cut but I've since found out it's known as the Aquila or square cushion cut modified. I had someone offer me this stone for about 7800 CAD total but don't know if it's worth it, what issues I may have, if the cut is excellent, why it's so low priced? Using metrics from a general table I found online, some of the depth and table size % are larger than their proposed range... and it seems uneven on both sides (?)... any objective help would be appreciated!