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    What are your thoughts on the emerging labgrown market?

    I am not the conspiracy theory type, but I do believe that Lightbox is nothing more than an attempt to destroy the lab grown diamond market. A simple mean to devaluate the stones that could form a threat to natural diamonds in the future. Your description of their service says it all. It comes accross as something that should not be taken seriously by consumers. Just a shiny stone with a ring for a cheap price, here you go, good luck, do not complain, hope she says yes. Who is it to blame that prices for labgrowns are still considered high? I believe to know the % of diamond price in the RAP that my suppliers charge me. Obviously I have a markup. I know jewelers in The Netherlands have a markup of about 2.4 times purchasing price for jewelry in general. If the same goes for organisations such as Brilliant Earth, then we have a long way to go to convince consumers. For me as a trader, value is nothing more than what the consumer is willing to pay for it. I have seen prices drop by almost 50% in two years times, but this seem to have opened the market. That is why I am convinced that people are looking for a bargain, but preferably with the service of a high end jewelry store.
  2. Celes Ventures

    What are your thoughts on the emerging labgrown market?

    I get what you and @davidelevi. I notice the same here in The Benelux area. The moment prices are going up, people start referring to the diamonds as being fake and not worth the money, eventhough initially they were interested. While sourcing I came across so many different prices. Some were as close to 50% of the prices of natural stones, and those were B2B prices. Imagine what the end consumers would have to pay with the markup of the jewelry store. However I do have to say that some of those manufacturers claimed to have exceptional quality and sold their goods to (private) buyers, and in some cases buyers who were reselling as natural stones... You often read about labgrown diamonds being about 40% of the price of natural stones. I believe a range between 30% and 40% is fair. From what I have learned so far, consumers are not looking for a discount. They want a bargain! I deal with both private buyers as well as B2B. A jeweler once asked me to sell it to private buyers for a higher price otherwise they could not justify their prices. I didn't. Private buyers end up paying more anyways when they have the stones placed in pieces, and business end up asking more when they create beautifull pieces and thus create value. Everybody wins.
  3. Hi guys, what are your thoughts on purchasing labgrown for your jewelry or using labgrown diamonds for your pieces as professional? Do you notice an increase of demand? Yes, I am a labgrown diamond trader, but I am currently conducting a market study to learn more from the experts in the field. I have spent quite some time sourcing from reliable suppliers for a fair price, but I notice that consumers still feel that prices are higher than expected for labgrown diamonds. To be fair, I did come across some ridiculous prices too. I see some interesting movements in The Netherlands with jewelers adapting to the trend. Curious to read your replies. Br, Mark