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  1. I am still surprised that no one seems to have any personal experience with this seller.
  2. Thank you both for your replies, that is very educational and quite frankly not as surprising as one would hope. It seems like it is up to the consumer to demand standardization and some kind of accreditation. We all know that is never going to happen. Everyone, just like me is looking for value, and a good deal, so we sometimes believe what we want to believe and accept our own ignorance of a particular subject as justification. Thank you for taking the time to help educate me.
  3. They say GGS Certified. So that is not an industry "standard" grading? I know nothing about diamonds, but I understand industry accepted grading standards like API in my own industry.
  4. David, That would be great. Thank you for the suggestion.
  5. Esttx, I am curious as to how this was resolved. I have been considering James Allen as I can't get a good read on how legitimate Edwin Novel is and can not find anyone that has actually dealt with them.
  6. I am still looking for anyone with personal experience dealing with Edwin Novel. I have spent hours on various sites, Blue Nile, James Allen and others and it seems that Edwin Novel far surpasses them in value. Is this some fly by night "junk store" that I should run away from?
  7. Very good point about the difference in clarity and what can actually be seen by the naked eye. I was looking at "sacrificing" clarity for color which is more obvious to the naked eye. I appreciate the listing of diamonds from Diamond Review, but I assume that is ONE seller of diamonds, not the only seller of diamonds. There has to be some variance in the market price based on seller, not different than any other commodity or product. You are making very good points, but isn't ANYTHING worth what someone is willing to pay for it? I realize that is not the actual ring but a CAD representation, it is not realistic to customize a diamond by size, cut, color and clarity and have a "picture" of it magically appear.
  8. I acknowledge that I am not technical or a diamond or jewelry expert by any stretch of the imagination being a geologist by education I do not claim to be a gemologist. So I try to supplement my lack of knowledge with research and information gathering. Hence coming here to see if anyone had a personal negative experience or positive on for that matter. To my jewelry is much like picking a partner, you like what you like, what looks "good" to your own eyes. I had choose to sacrifice clarity (VS2) for color (G). I wanted 1 ct center stone and just like the "look" of the 3 stone set. Bottom line, I want to know if people believe they get what they think they ordered from this site. Are they satisfied with their purchase.
  9. https://edwinnoveljewelrydesign.com/hartine-three-stone-engagement-ring-with-matching-wedding-band.html?center_stone_type=di&center_stone_shape=rd&side_stone_type=di&side_stone_shape=rd&small_stone_type=di&small_stone_shape=rd&metal_type=14k White Gold &center_stone_clarity=vs2&center_stone_color=g&center_stone_weight=1&campaignid=645969804&adgroupid=35004151467&network=d&keyword=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7Libpcux4gIVw2PTCh1-zA8fEAEYASABEgKCkPD_BwE&ring_size=3 This is what I have in mind
  10. I think it popped up on a Google Ad, but I had also done a Google Search and was looking for Reviews. Again, I am skeptical of Google or any other reviews as I believe they are stacked. Then in looking and comparing I like some of the settings and the price based on my filter criteria seemed reasonable to me. I had tried some of the recommended sites like Blue Nile and found them TOO complicated and confusing and I did not feel they were upfront in the way they broke every item out so it wasn't until you had spent a LOT of time that you had an idea of the price. I will check out your site.
  11. Does anyone have any experience buying a ring from Edwin Novel? It seems that their reviews are overwhelmingly positive but from this Forum I understand that GGS Certified is not reliable. Does anyone have first hand experience with them?
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