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  1. Thanks a lot for your advice and sharing Davide😊 Your advice was critical to make my decision on this stone while I was on the fence at that moment. I feel much confident after reading your comment on the blue tint. Wearing this ACA ring, I think that I am totally happy with G color. In our Asian circle, they are obsessed with only D, E and very rare F. Who on earth dare wearing a G or H or even I🤣 But compared to all the big loose diamonds and diamond rings that I have came across for years, I thought mine is most fiery, bright and sparkling. I think I can go to H or I comfortably now. D and E are extremely unnecessarily overpriced, not mentioned investment categories. Again, thanks for opening this meaningful forum.
  2. I have posted my ring bling here. Thanks all for your advice. Your comments are welcomed!
  3. My mission completed with an ACA by Whiteflash. I am another happy customer in their long list😍 I started my search first with 2 vendor WF and BGD and for a technical reason, i ended up choosing a diamond of WF. I talked to Liza and she was super patient and kind to my various questions and concerns. I am a first time buyer and always feel unsure of buying a diamond online and it involves oversea shipment, import duty and VAT. We exchanged emails everyday in several weeks after i shortened my comparison list. WF has a perfect match with FedEX. I am totally impressed with FedEx priority service that they initiated. It took 3 days to to send this ring from the US to me. The package is greatly secured. When unboxing, the ring came out amazing, white sparkling. i can see obvious arrows. I couldn't imagine the G color so white. i put it side by side with other D color stone, they are just the same. Of course the other D color stone doesn't belong to some super brands around the forum. The cut decides the brightness and color at last. I brought it directly under the strong Middle East sun, It sparked crazily....I showed a photo to my mother, she asked me if it was a blue diamond. I immediately turned alarmed and checked again and again. My stone is Fluor negligible in AGS cert. With my own eye, I didn't see any blue color but in photos, it showed some light blue color. I 've just ordered a UV led torch and examine it later. i was suggested that it could be the sky reflection. I will have confirmation after checking it with the torch. At the moment, I am over satisfied. I can do return or trade up so it doesn't bother me much. Thanks for all advice in the forum.
  4. Hi Davide, Are you based in UK? I checked diamondbylauren.com and found it is in NY. I have a friend who travel to London often and she is looking for one stone.
  5. Hi Neil, Much appreciate for your feedback to my post. I have read many threads and comments/reviews by you in some diamond forums; and I really like them. The fact is flying to US and to Houston is in my very far future. But surely I will visit not only WF if I have chance. I am diamond lover and enjoy knowing about it. Yeah, I am in finalizing with the G stone and hope come back soon to show the bling! Wish all very good health!
  6. Thank you Davide for very detailed and direct answers. Now I know which diamond to go to😊 Report post Posted 21 hours ago No, sorry, I meant that anyone, including experts, would struggle to tell them apart from a cut quality point of view!!! If you have seen them, and the I seemed tinted, then go for the G. Somewhere between I and J is where most people start seeing colour; given there is practically no price difference, I would go for an SI1 that I cannot see against an I that I may be able to... Both are fantastically well cut. You are paying a premium for that, and other people may prefer something a bit larger or cheaper. Me? I'm a cut snob... 1 × Quote Davide
  7. Thanks Davide for your response. Yes, I am really struggling and because i am first time diamond buyer. I absolutely have no clues about the real stone. So many factors need to be considered when choosing one. In theory, I prefer VS2 over SI1, but I color seems more yellow when the staff put them side by side. And is I color much lower graded/favored in diamonds? Do you think either stone worth buying? If you were shopping for a diamond, would you choose one of them? Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi, I am buying a diamond and after reading quite a lot from internet resource, I just found out this forum which I think I can get more confident. Here are the 2 diamonds I am interested in https://www.whiteflash.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut-loose-diamond-4022281.htm and its AGS https://www.whiteflash.com/pdf/104100872034.pdf the second one https://www.whiteflash.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut-loose-diamond-4113552.htm and AGS report here https://www.whiteflash.com/pdf/104105373014.pdf My concerns are: I like the first stone as it is bigger and it seems to have a better ASET image, especially the center, more precise...however, the staff from WF advised me to buy the 2nd stone which has better color but smaller and more included - SI1. She said she personally viewed the 2 stones and looked at them under magnifier. The most concerned thing to me is the face up view of this stone less bright than the other. Its ASET image shows this as some imbalance in the center and in some shaft tips. I really need a second opinion on those 2 stones to make final decision. Thanks a lot in advance
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