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    Review of HRD 1.02ct F VVS2 3x VG

    Thx all for reply. The flourescent is nil. And it's indeed an HRD certificate. We went to one of Antwerps most brilliant jewellerstores. We live in the Netherlands wich isn't far away from Antwerp, Belgium. I tought that a VG cut was also a high cutting because only excellent is above and i didn't now about the HCA scope so now i've noticed it I'm in doubt. I tought it was a good deal/ diamond because it looked bigger more like a 1.2ct. In the store all the diamonds sparkled a lot so i don't think i could tell the difference anymore. But it was me that said that it was a nice stone, only one small pinpoint on the side.. In my mind (wich ofcourse could be terrible wrong) a diamond should always sparkle even when there's no (sun) light on the ring. But since I now have it, it doesn't sparkle all the time. My boyfriend bought it in january for approx. €8000 incl. A 18k white gold ring with 0.1c tw on sidesstones with D/E color and VVS clarity. I don't now if we can return / change it, altough the jeweller said that we always can get an upgrade with the same value. I'm gonna check above link. I knew that cut was the most important factor but I really tought that a VG cut was also a high cutting grade. 🙈 I didn't do my homework properly I think.
  2. Yvonne Bruggink

    Review of HRD 1.02ct F VVS2 3x VG

    Thx for your fast reply. I tought the diamond would be a lot sparklier in daylight. In the sun and spotlight its oké. The HCA score was 3.1 Light return: Very good Fire: Good Scintillation: Fair Spread: Excellent OVERALL: it's say Very good and worth buying if the price is right. Probably sparkles OK and looks bigger than usual for its carat weight. If the HCA is less than 2.5, and you can see good Hearts and Arrows, it can be a nice diamond. Confirm with Ideal-scope, ASET scope or send to an appraiser. I don't no if and what the results where with the scopes.... What is a right price for this stone? Hope you can help with it, thx very much!
  3. Yvonne Bruggink

    Review of HRD 1.02ct F VVS2 3x VG

    Dear all, After 21 years my boyfriend popped the question. I now checked the certificate and HCA and now i'm in doubt. What do you think about this diamond? It's a 1.02 rare white+ (F) brilliant round VVS2 Cut: Proportions VG Polish VG Symmetry VG Measurements 6.63x6.73mm x 3.86mm Girdle medium 3.0% faceted Culet pointed Td 57.9% Table width 63% Crown height 11% (30.0 deg) Pavilion depth 44.0% (41.5 deg) Length halve crowns 45% Length halves pavilion 80% Thanks in advance for reply😊 Greetings Yvonne