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    A diamond trapped in glass

    Hi Guys, My friend is an experienced glassblower and i wanted him to make me a Diamond put in glass to be set on a ring for my wife, but he says its impossible and they would offgases, burn off and get destroyed in the intense heat of the process ... As i understand, about nothing withstand the process of insertion into glass, but only the things closest as possible to pure sillicium would survive, and he says some high temp CZ would do.. But i found these guys : they are out of stock on everything, i called and it could be a while before i get a chance to get something, they seems to have some problems... my buddy also told me they might not be real diamond but either pure Lab-Grown, CZ, quarts, or others.. ( but on their website they says it with come a lab certificate ? GS ) since they are trapped in glass and there is no way of verifying the origin of the diamond, I'm curious what are your guys though on this ? Thanks