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  1. rock8378

    on the hunt for the perfect emerald

    Hi Fellas! Sorry to bother you again. I'm considering purchasing an emerald online and was hoping you guys can help me understand what to look for. How can I tell if an emerald is going to give me great brilliance/fire/scintillation? For example, this ring listed on James Allen shows black (please excuse my verbiage, I'm doing my best to explain what I see). Does this mean the light is trapped in the ring due to its poor cut?
  2. rock8378

    on the hunt for the perfect emerald

    I want to find a jeweler who can find the best center stone and can also design a setting similar to the design. Sorry for the confusion. You mentioned in an earlier post about other variables such as the number of steps on the pavilion and the shapes of the corners. Could you please elaborate or guide me to other resources to help expand my understanding of emeralds? Thank you so much for your time. Please bear with me. I have no idea what to look for.
  3. rock8378

    on the hunt for the perfect emerald

    No, thank you so much! This was extremely helpful. I'm based in LA and I've been speaking to a few jewelers in Hong Kong (Hong Kong for tax benefits and also because I commute often for work) and NY. Do you have any recommendations in picking a great dealer besides for warranty and customer service? There are so many jewelers and it's overwhelming.
  4. rock8378

    on the hunt for the perfect emerald

    I had been working with a dealer in Hong Kong for a vintage emerald cut and that's when I found the twist ring I attached above!
  5. Hi there! I'm looking for any advice on shopping for an emerald cut. I have a budget of $75K and I'm looking for a 2.80-3.5 carat, D-G, IF-VS1, with a 1:1.5 ratio. The search for the perfect loose emerald has me feeling a bit overwhelmed. Below I've included a few photos of rings that I have tried on. I included a photo of a ring with a setting that I absolutely love.