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    Question Regarding Diamond Scintillation

    Thank you for getting in touch Davide. Yes, the price was inclusive of UK VAT. I'm no diamond expert but would this be a fair price for a stone of this kind?
  2. Greetings to everyone who reads this message,To begin, I am new to this forum. I am also a diamond novice in need of some advice. I am currently on a quest to find a diamond for an engagement ring. I have been quoted £1250 a stone (GIA: Excellent cut, symmetry and polish) which I have viewed in person and it looked great. For those who are experienced in grading diamonds from a GIA report; how excellent is this cut? and how much brilliance/fire would I be expecting from a diamond with these measurements? Thank you so much, I would be appreciative of any replies.Kind regards,Mark.ROUND BRILLIANT-Measurements4.74 - 4.77 x 2.94 mm-Carat Weight0.41 carat-Colour GradeF-Clarity GradeVVS1-Cut GradeExcellentPROPORTIONS-Depth61.9 %-Table58 %-Crown Angle36.0°-Crown Height15.5%-Pavilion Angle40.6°-Pavilion Depth43.0%-Star Length50%-Lower Half80%-GirdleMedium, Faceted, 3.5%-CuletNoneFINISH-PolishExcellent-SymmetryExcellentFLUORESCENCE-FluorescenceMedium BlueCLARITY CHARACTERISTICS-Clarity CharacteristicsPinpoint