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  1. Hi - I recently ordered a custom ring with a black diamond. When viewing the original stone, it looked in good condition but after polishing / setting it seems there's a large surface inclusion. We saw a small but visible mark next to one of the prongs and after sending it back for the supplier to rotate to hide the mark under the prong, we discovered the small mark was actual part of a larger hidden inclusion. First photo ("Rotated"): after sending back, the full inclusion can be seen Second and third photos: the original placing, where a small straight line is visible (it catches the light) We're assured the ring is structurally sound but have the option of replacing the stone (although the ring vendor is based in the US and I'm based in Asia so difficult to see the new stone properly). My questions are: - How common / typical is this? I understand a lot of black diamonds have inclusions, but wondering if it's common whether this could easily happen with a new stone. (I also don't understand how we couldn't have seen this when viewing the stone.) - Will this affect the grading? Any other thoughts welcomed.