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    Ebay engagement ring purchase opinions

    Thanks for the feedback! I took your advice and visited a local appraiser. He graded the stone as G and clarity VS2. He mentioned the prongs look new and the diamond is well set, the crown and shank appear to be from the 40s or 50s. Looks like its been resized more than once , the shank is thin on the bottom. He suggested adding material to the lower shank to be safe. I appreciate the advice. I think she'll love the ring, and I'm comfortable that I got a fair deal.
  2. mlm123

    Ebay engagement ring purchase opinions

    I appreciate you weighing in. I understand grading is impossible by looking at a few pics, I figure expert eyes may be able to spot something problematic. I paid a bit less than the asking ($1830), if likely value is within a couple hundred bucks either way, I'm happy, as long as she likes it.... Also curious as to the age, I'd love to hear opinions if someone recognizes the setting or design.
  3. I'm a self educated Gemologist, meaning I read a bunch of internet articles and watched Youtube videos for a couple weeks . I found a ring that fit my fiancés style preferences and bought a ring on ebay. ( that fit my modest budget). The downer is the EGL USA cert, no GIA. Opinions on price, grading accuracy or issues with the stone or setting most welcome. I assume the E-F/VS1 grading is off a grade or 2, it is eye clean. I do have a 30 day return period with @ 3 weeks left. I took the pics with the black background, the remainder are from the ebay ad.