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  1. njkf88

    Review of 1.60ct GIA/SI2/E round cut

    denverappraiser can feathers like those seen in the plot for this diamond affect the brilliance at all? Or is the key concern that it is eye-clean. It looked good to me but the SI2 grading is gnawing away at me, as I'm worried I may have missed something! It's a big decision, and so I am wondering whether to go for a better clarity for peace of mind...
  2. njkf88

    Review of 1.60ct GIA/SI2/E round cut

    Thank you davidelevi for your prompt and informative response. That is very helpful. I didn't spot anything but that was 'blind', i.e. not knowing where the feathers were, so can see it again and follow your advice. It will be set in a 6 prong tiffany style setting. We are not particularly obsessive, and while I appreciate the GIA report provides very limited information, its more just my own (probably unfounded) prejudices about an SI2 grade that is gnawing at my mind i.e. am I missing something? Is it a risk? Feedback from someone on Rarecarat.com was that the plot looked very clean for an SI2 so it had them "slightly concerned". Is that something you would agree with?
  3. Hi there. I am interested in some advice on a stone I have been looking at (1.60ct, SI2, E, triple excellent, round). The GIA report is available here: https://www.gia.edu/UK-EN/report-check?reportno=1186459168 I have viewed the stone a couple of times, and to my very untrained eye it looked eye-clean. I also had it next to a similar SI1 and I couldn't see any difference to be honest. I paid the initial deposit from a store in the UK, however, I was uneasy about its SI2 grading (despite not seeing anything myself) and since looking at the GIA report in more detail can see the presence of a few feathers. Would be grateful for your views on whether the GIA report would give you any cause for concern?