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    MY "F" color diamond was EGL and it's a GIA I Color

    HI Neil, thanks so much for responding. No, the appraiser is here in Las Vegas where we live and he's a great and reputable jeweler. We do not have a receipt for this ring/diamond yet (wired cash to them at the beginning of the deal and the entire deal was between the owner and my husband over the phone). I don't see any type of return policy on their website other than online purchase information which is final sale. https://www.jayfeder.com/bocaraton/We received the ring 2/14/2019 but sent the money in January. The jeweler said "remade" since he had a smaller stone in his store 3.02 but it wasn't the correct dimensions for the setting and I was told from the beginning it wasn't as nice of a stone so I don't want that anyway. We have not asked for a refund and he claims he wants to make this right but I think making it right is finding a diamond that is colorless (no matter the GIA letter grade since that was what I was expecting) and it should be the same carat weight or larger definitely not smaller. I don't want my husband to hand over even more money to a jeweler I no longer trust and has put me through a lot of stress when this was supposed to be a wonderful gift from my husband. Here is the tag that was shown with my diamond (my sister in law went to look at it to make sure it was eye clean since she lives in Denver so they shipped it to the Denver store from Boca Raton). I only have the EGL number in a spreadsheet and can't find that EGL number on any of the online sites EGL 3122498332. I have no other receipt or paperwork. I am also worried about the cut since I haven't seen the GIA report he only discussed verbally with my husband when he admitted the color was 3 letter grades lower. I don't have the heart to tell my husband I don't think it sparkles as much as my smaller original diamond. I do want to see the GIA paperwork but we don't have it. If I do keep this ring I'm assuming I better get an independent appraisal done and would like to have the GIA certificate to give to the appraiser. Is this a good idea? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME.
  2. Hi, I just upgraded my engagement ring and our jeweler of 15 years sold us a 3.2 round brilliant "F" color S12. We are no longer in Denver where his store is located (he also has a large store in Boca Raton now so we technically purchased through Boca where he resides now) and since we couldn't see the diamond he said to trust him. My original ring was purchased from him and is a H color 1.52 carat cushion S12 and is perfectly beautiful. It has a GIA report and I honestly didn't know there were other options until I saw a ring here in Las Vegas that had an EGL report so I checked into it. Our deal was negotiated (trade in for the original ring plus cash) and we kept asking for the paperwork on the ring while it was being made (major setting) and they said they were trying to get it. Finally a spreadsheet with an EGL number shows up. WOW, I was so surprised I didn't know this and told my husband that I had read they were notorious for overgrading their diamonds so we asked for a GIA report be provided. The owner said if it would make us feel better about this purchase he was happy to get one done. He did tell my husband that the price he charged us was based off what he paid for the diamond NOT the color grade. Hmm.... he then shipped us my gorgeous ring and asked if I was happy. My husband told him that I was happy with it but I saw color in the center stone. I was convinced it was lower than my current H but maybe that was just because it was so much larger I could see color in the new ring vs. the smaller "H" color of my original ring. I took the ring to the jeweler State Farm recommends for appraisals and he said it was definitely an "I" color. When I got home my husband said our jeweler called him apologizing saying it came back an "I". He thought it could come back one or 2 color grades off but never thought 3. My husband was really upset with him and the jeweler came back and offered a pitiful concession of $3K. My husband told him to please find another 3.2 diamond with no color since we don't want to have to have the setting re-made. I think our jeweler was dishonest and I am beyond upset about this. I have not sent him back my original ring so we do have some leverage here. What should we do? What is fair here? I feel he should NEVER have called it an "F" if it wasn't a real F and that should be illegal. I also have a photo of the jewelers "SKU" number with the color F and clarity and carat (doesn't mention cut) and nowhere does it say EGL or GIA it's just an in house piece of paper next to the diamond. Please help me!