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  1. chobo2

    What do you think of This Diamond (Round)

    Ok, will check it out but even though I been doing research for awhile it is still very hard for me to look at them and go "this is a great diamond". I can maybe get rid of the not so great one but average to good is hard for me to determine. So I am looking for some extra eyes who are more skilled to help me make sure I am choosing a decent one, but I of course understand if you want to stay impartial.
  2. chobo2

    What do you think of This Diamond (Round)

    Yeah, I am sure I can figure away and get it shipped closer to the border but unless I got something in hand not too much use into thinking of it. The only other site I know is James Allen and I don't think they have anything that could compare to that in my price range. So I can do a bit more looking but there seems to be a good chance I will go with the one I found then as the only problem with the one I found is there is a slight chance that it maybe not 100% eye clean but you guys said tests can be done once I get the ring?
  3. chobo2

    What do you think of This Diamond (Round)

    I live close to the border, So I guess that is an option though I have to use one of the border mail services which I am not sure if they would accept it. Anyways can cross that bridge if it needs to happen but it would be possible. Lets ignore the synthetic one for now as I am more learning towards the natural diamond I posted. Should I buy this natural diamond in my OP or is there something in my budget that someone here could find.
  4. chobo2

    What do you think of This Diamond (Round)

    Yea, I do sort of have apple vs oranges here, I totally agree if the natural is the same price as the man made diamond with the similar specs then go with natural. In the case with Spence the natural diamond they showed me was like 0.55 SI2 and H color for $2800 CDN. So they showed us the man made one what was the specs I posted. So I was like ok, lets see how much would a natural cost online with similar specs, which lead me to the one that I am looking to buy. If I go with BE lab made, then it will be about 700 CDN cheaper than the natural diamond I am looking at, I am not sure about them yet. Like it was there grading seems to up in the air. This is why I keep leaning more toward this natural but I just I guess need some people who know more to sign off on it. Yeah, I am aware that my conditions on store does limit it greatly, but the thing is that since I am so out of my element that I think there could be a good chance I want to return the ring and want the easiest process. Also alot of sites don't really ship to Canada but if you got a site that ships to Canada but does not have a free returns for Canada but the diamond would be so much cheaper or better I will look at it. Yeah I understand where your coming from with the vault manager and this goes back to why the return is important for me as honest this is the best looking diamond I seen in my price range with my limited knowledge. Maybe people like you can find a better one and I am all ears that's why I am here. The one I did post does have a Strong fluorescence
  5. chobo2

    What do you think of This Diamond (Round)

    So would you buy this diamond. I have attached my wish list and budget I am not sure what I will end up buying a natural or lab grown diamond, so I am looking at both. My gf does not care as long as it looks nice(sparkles) and she can call it a diamond, so it goes back to me to find some options in my budget and then present her with those options. I have a budget of 3,000cdn (2274.67 USD) that would be including the setting(this seems like it will be around 500 CDN) and taxes. However the front runner after going to local stores is Spence Lab grown diamond with setting is $3200 CDN (2426.32 USD) with no taxes. Contender Lab grown diamond: .64 H VS1 Setting: 14Kt yellow gold, 1mm in width and with 6 prongs solitaire. I know the above is lab grown diamond but it should be transferable to what we would want in a natural diamond. Of course maybe VS1 is not needed and could be cut back a bit. Clarity: we don't want people to see any inclusions while looking at it with the naked eye (under 10x zoom I don't care). She wants show her co-workers and stuff, I imagine they won't be staring at it for more than a min or 2. Color: we liked I or H so that would be the target color (if we can get higher great if not I think that would be are range). Cut: Probably Very Good at a minimum (not sure what Spences Excellent rating maps too on site like bluenile) but at the end of the day we want this ring to sparkle. Carat: 0.55 to 0.70 would be the range though since my gf seemed to like 0.64 I guess that is the size to go for. Store I don't care which online site it is as long as it reputable and has free shipping to Canada, no duties and 30 day 100% return police that includes shipping.
  6. Hi I have this diamond reserved: I asked them to inspect it to make sure it is eye clean and this what they said: "The diamond is "eye clean" and there is no haze or milky effect per the vault manager that inspected it for me."