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    Engagement Ring Help Please! Marquise cut

    Thanks for your response. I called the jeweler directly and they assured me it’s 1.32 for the center stone but I’m still feeling uneasy about the item. I’ll try taking the diamond to another store for an opinion.
  2. Hi everyone. My fiancé recently purchased me a ring sight unseen from a local jewelery store. It is a marquise halo cut diamond that is 1.32 carats. The ring measures 9.84 x 5.77 x 3.72 mm. After doing some research on marquise rings I found that typically a 1.3 diamond would be a little longer (around 11mm) and be the same width and depth as the ring my fiancé purchased. With all this being said, I began to wonder if the ring he purchased is indeed 1.32 carats. I’m wondering is it possible for the ring to be that carat size with the measurements listed? Any information anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.