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  1. Marcus_P

    Loose diamonds value and usage ?

    Well thanks for these tips and advice denverapp.. I'm must be in a good area or the market dropped since I got them but I was getting much better prices from the dealer here. I wouldn't go to a pawn shop for anything so I was more or less looking for reasonable market on the low and not really pawn shop prices.. I think the best thing for me is to try ebay and do some price discovery and sell them in small lots, it looks to me like that would work out to a couple of bucks a diamond and I can probably get better than that anywhere. I'll keep you guys updated if I ever sell any or make my own rapper chain.
  2. Marcus_P

    Loose diamonds value and usage ?

    I weighed the larger ones and about 60 of them come to 0.6 gm. When I put the smaller ones on with it (as total) it was 1.6 gm but I didn't take those out of the bag and instead weighed the bag after, which was .4. so its 1.2 gm. plus there gotta be another gm or so in tiny tiny ones as well as 10-15 pieces in a pendant. Any idea what that's worth by the weight ? I know there is a large margin by maybe a from and to range . I know the scale is very accurate, probably not as a jewelers scale but I can put a 1gm weight on and its 1gm exactly.
  3. Marcus_P

    Loose diamonds value and usage ?

    I never thought about that.. I do have a little scale that weighs in 0.1 gms. I'll see how many it takes to fill a 1gm Since everybody likes pics I thought I would show them at least, this is the best I can do with my camera. There's gotta about 50 of these and about 100 of the ones that are even smaller, like a grain of salt
  4. Marcus_P

    Loose diamonds value and usage ?

    No worries and thanks for the help. If anyone has something else to add or a source to sell besides ebay let me know. These replies pretty much confirmed what I was expecting, that it all depends who's selling when and where and there is a large range due to quality and the integrity of the seller. I wasn't expecting to get what a dealer gets but I thought someone would at least say, if I had that I would ask for $20/pc or something like that.. I'm looking at them now through a 10x loupe and they look pretty clear to me
  5. Marcus_P

    Loose diamonds value and usage ?

    So am I to assume a 3mm round is .10 or .010 ? If that's the case then 10 of these would be 1 karat ? I know the things you're saying about ebay and that's why I stopped buying things there and haven't sold there since 2008. I did see a lot that says xx already sold so that's a good sign that at least someone is buying.. I'm not concerned about idiots and troubles since I'm not a dealer and it wouldn't bother me to deal with newbies or returns if someone was unhappy. I know about appraisals as well. I recently had my truck appraised and the guy asked me what I wanted it to be worth. I know they write you nice letters on the high end so you can put in your safe for insurance purposes when they're lost or stolen. Most of these small issues don't bother me since I'm a one time seller. If I did do anything with them like set them up it would be for the same thing, to sell. I'm a man in the electrical business and diamonds wouldn't look good on my chubby hands and most of family is too old and already has extensive jewelry collections. I only got the loose diamonds because nobody knew what to do with them and they were after the finished valuable pieces so it would be pointless for me to pay to set them up and give it back to seniors who already have much better.
  6. Marcus_P

    Loose diamonds value and usage ?

    I did have them checked out when I first got them but he was a pro and was only interested in buying as a lot on the low end, he was honest enough to tell me that and he said they were very nice, genuine, and they just fit a 3mm sizer, so presumably that means they're a decent quality and this is what I expected since the lady was no stranger to fine things and she wouldn't have gone on ebay to buy diamonds. It still doesn't say much about a starting point so I guess I'll just dump a few on ebay and see where it goes.
  7. Marcus_P

    Loose diamonds value and usage ?

    Good day folks. Forgive me for asking what is probably the most annoying question in a forum, what is it worth and what can I do with them ? However that is exactly the position I am in. I inherited a small lot of loose diamonds and I've been sitting on them since, with the intent of either selling or making something out of it myself that can add value. Can anyone provide a starting ground as to what do with loose diamonds, either for sale or possibly usage that may turn it in to some value.. I believe this is what you guys call melee or small stuff but I have a good amount and the quality and clarity is presumed very good since they came form a multi million dollar estate and the pieces that were accompanying this had prices tags of $50,000. I didn't inherit those pieces but its an indication of the quality and wealth of the couple it came from, some of their earings had $10k appraisal letters. . So basically I have a bag of what looks like 3mm give or take round brilliant When I first got them 10 or so years ago I thought about ebay but now ebay has eroded and I can't make sense of pricing, in one ad I see $10 a piece, yet in another I see $70 - $100. Any help would appreciated. Thanks Marc