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  1. amd329

    Need Help! Diamond Comparison

    @David, i searched using all criteria below i found on the linked site when i put in my filters on BN. That is how i came up with that Diamond. The first column below is said to be excellent for an emerald diamond. I made sure everything matched up below in my search, and that's how i came up with the diamond from BN. Every single thing matched up with the numbers below considered excellent. Only things that were off were the polish and symmetry not being excellent. I do agree that i could probably go to a step down with a G color and a VS1 and there would probably be no difference. @Denver, Diamond #1 i did get to see with my local jewler and it looks very nice as he let me see it under one of those microscopes. He has been around for 32 years locally, and is my bosses first cousin. He isn't steering me wrong, i just feel like i can get a bigger diamond possibly or something better for the same price as I do my research. thanks to both of you for the replies! Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor Table % 61-69 57-60 or 70-72 54-56 or 73-74 51-53 or 75-79 <51 or >79 Depth % 61-67 59-60.9 or 67.1-70 57-58.9 or 70.1-74 54-56.9 or 74.1-79 <54 or >79 Girdle Very Thin – Slightly Thick Very Thin – Thick Very Thin – Very Thick Extremely Thin – Extremely Thick Cutlet None Very Small Small Medium >Medium Length/Width Ratio 1.40-1.50 1.30-1.39 or 1.51-1.60 1.20-1.29 or 1.61-1.80 1.15-1.19 or 1.81-1.90 <1.15 or >1.90
  2. amd329

    Need Help! Diamond Comparison

    Hi Lauren, Thank you so much for the quick reply. Sorry to mention, both stones are definitely GIA graded stones. Diamond #1 is from a small local jeweler in my town, and I have attached as much of the report as I have showing more info on this diamond. Diamond #2 is from an online site Blue Nile, and below is the link to view the diamond. Hopefully this helps you. I just want to figure out which one would be the best purchase. I am a little weary of going for Diamond 2 since it is online, but since the cert comes with it it will give me a piece of mind i guess. What are your thoughts of Blue Nile? thank you, Anthony DePellegrini
  3. amd329

    Need Help! Diamond Comparison

    Hello, I am currently looking at two different diamonds, and need help on which one is best for the price. The below Diamonds are pretty similar besides the carat of the one being a few points higher. What I want to know, is which diamond if better not looking at the carat size, but the overall diamond itself. What would you choose between the two and why? Which diamond has measurements that will make it even look bigger? Diamond #1: EMERALD Price: $6,499 GIA 1.22 F Color VVs2 Girdle: VTN - THN Cutlet: SMALL Polish : Very Good Symmetry : Good Fluorescence: Faint 7.61x5.11x3.54 mm Diamond #2: Emerald Price: $6,990 GIA 1.32 F Color VVs2 Girdle: Very thin to Medium Cutlet: VERY SMALL Polish: Very Good Symmetry: Good Fluorescence: Faint 7.82x5.47x3.47 Thanks for your time!