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    Are Graff diamonds a rip-off?

    Hi guys, I am very new to this whole area, and am currenty thinking about choosing a diamond for the engagement ring. I have considered a number of chain-stores, as well as websites, and after some consideration cannot decide where to buy. My parents are a bit old-school and tell me to just get a ring at Graff, but I just don't understand the pricing. For 15,000$, say, I coul get a 1.5 IF, E color, Excellent cut diamond online, GIA certified, while for the same price tag I'd be lucky to get a 1.0 carat at Graff, or at least that was my impression. Obviously Graff probably only has D color, F, Excellent cut diamonds, but I'm just not sure. My girlfirend's cousin got a Graff ring and everyone was excited about that, but when I looked at it the setting was nearly non-existent and the stone itself was probably 1 carat, so I do not get why people get excited about the name. What would your advice be on where to buy and what are the implications of bying at chain stores, not only Graff but say Tiffany, De Beers, etc., over online loose diamonds at Blue Neil and etc? Maybe I don't understand something or just am a pleb. Thanks for reading this, realize this is a question that probably was asked a 100 times before.