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  1. There is a good chance I could over think this and its probably what I'm doing right now. More than happy with all advice you've given and my own thoughts too, although the stone I picked is one I found after a 15 min search on their website, without actually seeing any in person.aybe there are better ones out there but by all you've said up to now, it seems like it'll be a safe bet
  2. No I'm more than happy to go with your advice of the 'I' colour stone in a Solitaire setting. I think it will be fantastic. Any need to request more info on the stone itself or is what we've seen enough to go on?
  3. Thanks once again. My female work colleagues are of the same opinion as you (too much time spent looking at rings today in work and not enough work done). I guess I was worried 0.8 wouldn't be big enough to stand alone on a ring and would almost need a boost from the additional diamonds. I haven't seen a single ring in person so I'm not basing that on anything, just my own assumption. Your thoughts? My appointment with 77d is in two weeks so I will keep you in the loop! 🙂
  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply David, and great advice. Let me show you the settings I am considering (all in platinum): Firstly, this 'delicacy' ring. https://www.77diamonds.com/engagement-rings/solitaire It is simpler in design and I know my s/o likes the elegance of this style of ring. It is also easier on the budget to, which made me think of using the 'H' stone in this setting. Second, this 'Kindrea' style ring (diamond band) https://www.77diamonds.com/engagement-rings/diamond-band I really like the sparkle provided by such rings (as does my s/o). It is more expensive which made me consider the 'I' stone to balance the budget. Some of my female friends believe such rings (diamond bands) detract from the brilliance of the stone itself so maybe this 3rd setting is a happy medium? 'Delicacy vintage' https://www.77diamonds.com/engagement-rings/vintage I'd love your opinion Brian
  5. Thanks for the reply, what is it called? Or what exactly do you ask to be provided?
  6. How did you get the 'colour' version of the diamond?
  7. I appreciate any help received. I'm a first time buyer of an engagement ring. Living in the UK (but Irish!), potentially purchasing from a company called '77 diamonds'. I am on a budget, max £4000 for diamond AND ring. My question is - is this a good buy? I've tried educating myself, and have picked this one out by myself. The price for the diamond is £2,652 GBP It would be set as a solitaire in Platinum. To view a 360 video of the diamond, enter this URL, copy and paste this diamond ID and enter it below the table of results. More info screenshots below URL https://www.77diamonds.com/loose_diamonds.html Diamond id RBCPFACTKDYM Also, If i was to buy a ring with a diamond band, I would consider this 0.8ct, I, VS2 diamond, so that I could have a nicer ring within budget. Could I please have some advice on this diamond too? URL https://www.77diamonds.com/loose_diamonds.html Diamond ID 2195925821 Crystal and pinpoint clarity characteristics. Again, I'm very appreciative to anyone who would give their time to help me out - one shot to get this right and make this special!
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