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  1. Martin12

    Opinions On This Stone Please!

    Thanks again for your prompt reply, and sorry to bother you with another question. But I would like to quickly explain my situation, as I've now managed to get all the information and certificate that I needed back from the jewellery shop. What happened is I bought an engagement ring a few months back, though at the time I was quite clueless as to what I was buying, but thought to just trust the jeweller's knowledge. The ring was said to have been the following diamond: Pear 8.49x5.82x3.80mm, 1.10 Carat, I, SI2, with very good polish, very good symmetry and faint blue fluorescence, with a WGI certificate which I was told was as good as a GIA. But after taking the ring home something just didn't look right with the diamond and I could definitely see a very noticeable "line/crack" inside it. I therefore took it back and asked for a GIA report, which took almost 2 months and not surprisingly when it did arrive it was quite different to the WGI one; please see the attached picture. However the jeweller has been extremely apologetic and offered to the rectify the situation now with this new diamond (the G colour 1.07ct which I originally asked about above). 1. I was therefore wondering whether you think I should accept this proposed change or whether I should ask for something better? 2. He claims this new diamond is worth a lot more than what I was originally promised (Pear 1.10ct described above), is that true?
  2. Martin12

    Opinions On This Stone Please!

    Hi, thank you for your reply. I've actually seen the diamond in person and it appears to be quite nice. However I was concerned about the clarity characteristics- "Twinning Wisp, Feather, Indented Natural". 1. Are those anything to be concerned with? And does it affect the appearance of the diamond? 2. Also roughly how much is that diamond worth? I thank you in advance for your reply.
  3. Martin12

    Opinions On This Stone Please!

    Hello everyone, my knowledge on diamonds is very limited, thus I would be very grateful for any advice/opinion on purchasing the following stone: GIA report number - 629588849 Thank you!