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  1. M.Max

    Genuine Antique Diamond Engagement Ring?

    Ah ha! I was thinking along these lines. It appears things get quite tricky then; determining the antiquity. LaurentGeorge, the single stone did strike me as unusual. But ultimately you're right in that the most important thing is the ring resonating with me (and her!) On that note, do you guys think the price is reasonable given the apparent age and qualities of the stone?
  2. M.Max

    Genuine Antique Diamond Engagement Ring?

    Thank you Neil and Davide for your replies. I'm very reassured reading your initial take on the ring. I looked into the azuring and also examples of milgrain from the period after reading this, and piece does seem to ring true (excuse the pun!) It's funny that you've flagged the stone and setting as being a little unexpected; even to my very much inexperienced eye, I was surprised to see such a white stone and the tab mounts...but as you say this doesn't necessarily invalidate its antiquity. I don't think I'm too concerned with getting a GIA certification. I don't expect we'll be re-selling the ring anytime soon (I certainly hope not, anyway) and the stone resonates with me a lot regardless of its technical qualities. So I suppose the answer to the $17,000 question is really the antiquity of the piece, yes. Even though isolated from any historical significance, the ring is very impressive and desirable to me, finding out some time down the line that it is not antique would be a touch disappointing. I might look into getting it appraised in this regard, as you have both suggested. Thank you both again! M.
  3. Hello, I am a bit of a lurker on these forums, and would very much like to seek some opinions on this... I hope to shortly make my girlfriend my fiance, and we both love the beautiful qualities of antique rings. I have done a fairly large amount of research, both on-line and in-person, and have viewed enough rings now over the course of two weeks to feel confident that I have found something special. I am attaching photos sent to me by the dealer (they are better lit than the ones that I took). I have viewed this more than once now at the dealer, and I am very close to purchasing. According to the dealer the details are as follows: Main stone: Old European cut, 1.9 carats, color I, VS1 Side stones: Single cut, .25 carats, F, VS Platinum band $17k It has caught my eye not only for the finery of the setting, but for the apparent clarity of the stone, which I have not seen elsewhere in this price and stone specification range. This got me thinking a little on whether it really is an antique ring. From my experience, the stone does look like an Old European cut, with the frosted edge and visible culet. The imperfections are slight - a few tiny carbon spots visible in certain light. Unfortunately, the stone is not GIA certified because of the difficulty of removing it. The stone does have an 'independent certification' for what this is worth. I just wonder about whether the setting could be a replica, even though the dealer assures me it is antique circa 1910. I have looked for telltale signs, metal residue and so on, but cannot see any. I would be tremendously interested in hearing any opinions on this piece and its apparent authenticity. I'm quite taken with it! Thank you, Max