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  1. Christina

    GSI engraved diamond

    Great I'll look into your articles.. thanks
  2. Christina

    GSI engraved diamond seem to really know what yours talking you have any advice as to where I should take my ring to sell it for a fair price? Or Maybe being in the jewelry business yourself, maybe you know of a specific place that would give me a fair offer. I'm in Sarasota Florida, most of the places here are pawnshops,we buy gold places (which I know both of these types of places will totally rip me off) or big fancy jewelery stores, like the Diamond Vault.
  3. Christina

    GSI engraved diamond

    Agreed....he didn't even tell me the carats of the diamonds, he told me the size of the diamond (as in the main stone is 4.5x4.5)...I took my ring to a jeweler about 2 years ago, she told me the total weight of all the stones was 1.5 carats, main stone being 1 carat and 8 side stones equaling to .5ctw...But then last night I Google searched the GSL number on the diamond and the report from 5hier website said it was I'll just have to take it to get appraised,if I pay for the service, I'm sure they will give me a straight clear answer.
  4. Christina

    GSI engraved diamond

    I went to the jewelry store that I always use to take links out of my watches and fix broken necklaces. I asked if I could get a verbal appraisal, he did so and decided not to charge me. After he told me that the "retail" price would be around $5,000, u proceeded to ask him what I could sell it for...that's when he gave me the estimate of $250
  5. Christina

    GSI engraved diamond

    I found out today that my diamond is laser engraved with "GSI 466547" unfortunately, it was a free verbal appraisal came and I didn't get all the information I wanted. With this engraving, is there any way I can find out the clarity,color,cut,flaws etc on my diamond? I'm looking to sell it, it's a 14k white gold princess cut diamond 1 & 1/2ctw (main stone is 1 carat), the jeweler that told me it was engraved said the retail price for it would be around $5,000.00...but then proceeded to tell me that if he was to buy it from me he would only pay about $ not sure if I can trust this, since it's such a huge price difference. If anyone can reply with helpful information I'd greatly appreciate it! Also, any advice as to where I should be trying to sell my ring? I'm in Sarasota Florida THANKS EVERYONE!