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    Help choosing between round brilliants!

    Thank you both so much for your input! I want to clarify that all of the statistics are from IGI reports, not just the word of the vendor, though I am aware that IGI ratings can vary from where the diamond was evaluated. For example, some have "Ideal" in the cut, and some say "Cut: Excellent" and then write Ideal in the comments. The "Super Ideal" rating is from BrilliantEarth, as they have their own qualifications on what makes a lab diamond super ideal, even though the IGI report doesn't reflect it. I'm definitely aware of that as well but I still wanted to document that BE signified a difference in that particular diamond, even though it doesn't sway me much over the other Ideals. All of the vendors are reputable, online sellers, I definitely appreciate the advice to be wary though. One has offered to bring 2 diamonds in and do a video call to compare, but may not be able to provide ASET which is worrisome. (waiting to hear back), the other has been very responsive and provides ASET/Video/etc.
  2. Hello, I've made a deep dive into trying to figure out the diamond world but I'm still quite a bit overwhelmed. Here's what I'm looking for: - Carat: 2.5 - 3 carat - Cut: Ideally Ideal - Color: D - I - Clarity: SI1 + - Budget: $18,500 - Lab grown stones I've been going off of random internet guides, and following generally this advice: Recommended Diamond sizing Table Percentage: 55 – 57% Total Depth:
 60 – 61.5% (for girdle thickness between 2.5 – 3.5%) 61.5 – 62.5% (for girdle thickness between 3.5% – 4%) Crown Angle (CA)/ Pavilion Angle (PA) For CA = 34°, PA = 41°
 CA = 34.5°, PA = 40.6° – 40.8°
 35°, PA = 40.6° Star Length: 50 - 55% 
Lower Girdle Length: 75 – 80%
 Girdle Thickness: Thin to medium (2.5 – 3% preferred) And here are my options: The number underneath is the price! Please try to ignore the strange color coding, I'm working on a fun side project to try and give each stone a score based on some of their statistics. It's not quite there yet, and very limited on how I'm calculating so I've hidden the scores. Please let me know if you'd like videos of the stones, it's not letting me attach the videos I have currently but I will try in the next post. Another issue I'm dealing with is that these lab-grown are from 3 different vendors, with 3 different types of upgrade programs, so there's a few other factors I'm keeping in mind, so a 1 or 2 top choices would be extremely helpful! I'm in the process of requesting ASET for some of these, here's the ASET for the 2.73 Super Ideal G VS1: