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    Need help choosing between diamonds!

    @davidelevi @denverappraiser both come with a 30 day return. one is from brilliance.com and the other from fourmine.com.
  2. rlclair03

    Need help choosing between diamonds!

    @denverappraiser Thank you! I have seen a 60/61 2.04 L SI2 in person and loved it. I am trying to find out the pavilion and crown angles for that one, but do you think both the angles on these diamonds are of serious concern? I do notice the 2.52 is lighter and more yellow in the image, while the 2.35 is darker and more grey. Could just be the photograph? Buying a diamond online is stressful but has given me better options for my budget!
  3. rlclair03

    Need help choosing between diamonds!

    I have seen a 60/61 L SI2 in 2.04 ct and the color did not bother me one bit on a yellow setting. The jewler I was with mentioned the yellow setting will absord the yellower tint in an L diamond. I am open to either size, just curious which one is better from the view of someone who knows better! Thank yiu so much:) @davidelevi
  4. rlclair03

    Need help choosing between diamonds!

    Hello everyone! Having trouble deciding which diamond would be better for a yellow gold 6 prong setting, size 7.5. Is it worth getting the larger stone with the lower clarity? First 3 images is the info on diamond 1. I'm concerned about the inclusions found along the side. In the 3d video it wasdefinitely noticeable on top, but im wondering if a six prongsetting would cover it up? Total price with setting $11,151. Last 2 images are of diamond 2. Here i am concerned about the clouds on the bottom. They seem large, but because they are onthe bottom would they matter at all? I dont see anything inthe video provided. Total price with setting $10,819.