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  1. davedolphin

    Worth the price?

    The problem is that my lady wants a bigger diamond. 1,7 or above, she is specific in that regard!
  2. davedolphin

    Worth the price?

    I haven't seen it in person yet but I will be able to. As I am a novice when it comes to diamonds, what shall I look for? I've read that "strong blue" with clarity "I2" the diamond can look a little bit hazy. So can you experts guide me towards what to look for?
  3. davedolphin

    Worth the price?

    I will propose to my girlfriend and I'm about to buy a diamond. My knowledge is limited so I need advice. Is it worth the price? Carat: 1,74 Color: F Clarity: I2 Cut grade: Excellent Polish: Excellent Symmetry: Excellent Flourescence: Strong blue Comments: Additional clouds, pinpoints and surface graining are not shown. Price: 5100 USD Kind regards David