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    Fake Diamond?

    Hi guys, I was gifted n this ring by a Pilot who married a friend I was working with on a cruise ship in exchange for gifting her my wedding dress. He said he won it in a poker game and wasn't sure of its authenticity, they were going to use it as the wedding ring however they decided there wasn't enough sentimental value. 2 years on I just found this in the draw again and am curious whether there is more to this ring then it being a fake worth nothing, could this be a simulent, glass, crystal or cubic zirconia? I took it into a jeweler earlier today and without even taking it out of my hand he wrote it off as not real, but if its not a diamond what kind of stone is this!!??! and how could he be sure without looking at it closely? Thank you for help solving this mystery! Aimee xoxoxoxo