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  1. Chick21

    Oval Diamond

    Is the thick-very thick girdle an issue?
  2. Chick21

    Oval Diamond

    I would likely end up with b - there seem to be bits in A and C? another one below based on your figures:
  3. Chick21

    Oval Diamond

    Thanks davidelevi and LaurentGeorge. They have a 30 day return policy and also has the option of buying and checking in store. I could make out SI1 issues in store but could not with the VS1. The IF was selected as it hit the sweet spot in specs: What oval depth range would you recommend in your experience? see picture from the video:
  4. Chick21

    Oval Diamond

  5. Chick21

    Oval Diamond

    Thoughts and advice on the diamonds below? No GIA certificate from London Jeweller - Vashi. Oval 1.52ct, G colour , VS1 - super ideal cut. £12,765,00 Circle 1.50 ct, F colour, SI1 - super ideal cut. £14,630,00. The circular one had two visible black dots and a linear knot inclusion when inspected using a lupe. I couldn’t see much on the oval.