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  1. This is a rock that the luxury store is offering me for Micropave setting. It will be a branded ring and the cost will run about 35k USD when all is finished as a ring. If not considering online pricing, how does the quality of this diamond stack up against only luxury "branded" rocks. (say comparing brands like Cartier) the rock is not from Cartier.
  2. Thanks for the feedback Davide! Here are the unedited images. both are shot upside down. One with a hand covering the light bulb from the ceiling the other using a piece of paper. The light source would be ambient light. What do you think? Link to video showing the diamond sparkles
  3. Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to this and had a friend use an aset scope to take a image for me IN-STORE since i am overseas. The results aren't what i had hoped for and it seems like there is a lot of light leakage. Do you guys think it is because of the lighting? It was shot upside down (ASET scope at the bottom and the diamond towards the ceiling) His hand covered the light on top since it was too bright from the light bulb. He isn't a professional and was just doing me a favor. First image is the upside down version, the rest are shot from the top with ambient light being the lightsource, i know the quality aren't great. Do you guys think this is a good diamond, it's from one of the reputable luxury jewelers Cushion Modified Brilliant cut 1.49 Carat, F color, VS2. GIA graded Excellent polish and symmetry. 60%/66.6%