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  1. That's a great idea! Been trying to google search the term for it and cannot find it haha. I'll keep trying. I just took a look at it in daylight on a gloomy day. The sun isn't out. But it looks beautiful and the white flake is hard to see when it's bright out.
  2. Thank you Denver, David and Furqan. After 8 days, I finally received the diamond tonight. It's very, very beautiful with artificial lighting, but I haven't seen it in daylight or direct sunlight yet. Unfortunately, the table inclusion is noticeable especially when the light comes through the pavilion... and sometimes from the table when the brilliance isn't blinding. It's a white floating 'flake' within the diamond. The diamond is not milky and the table inclusion can be reflected when looking through the pavilion. I have to sleep on this to see if I should keep this...
  3. I'm getting excited...this might be it. Thank you! The GIA has a comment of: Additional clouds are not shown. Is that an issue? I am asking the vendor to confirm that it is not milky ASAP. Question: since it is a 2 carat, will the inclusions look more noticeable due to the larger size? I am hoping this will be eye-clean.
  4. Thanks for your patience. There wasn't many diamonds I could find with the specs you mentioned. Most of them were eliminated with poor depth% or deep pavilion angles. There were little to none of the polish or symmetry that were "very good" - large majority were "excellent". Most of the VS2 were priced at a point where I didn't find a good value due to the cut proportions and HCA being higher than 2. Few of the VS2 were out of budget. Here's one I found: GIA: 2ct, G, SI1, Triple Ex, No fluorescence. $20k 1) What do you think about the table's cloud inclusion? 2) What do you think of the 75% pavilion facet? Most of the inventory are 80% length. Will it be a noticeable change in contrast or fire? 3) How does the IdealScope look? It looks like some of the black triangle symmetry is off and some of the white triangles along the girdle is off. Your thoughts? Thanks again for helping me with this.
  5. I will do some homework. Currently lowest price I've seen on a few big online retail sites start at $22-23K with those specs. Mainly because of the none-feint fluorescence and VS2. I'll try the diamond finder from this forum. Thank you for taking the time to do this! What detriments does VG have compared to Excellent for polish and symmetry? Let me look further into this particular diamond. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks, Furqan. I'm getting a better understanding of the way you think. How much would you price each of these diamonds per carat? I want to know how much I may be overpaying since one with a better quality is jumping up about $7k so far from online retailers. I've been to a few jewelry stores and the quality they carry does not meet these two for the same price. For example, a few different ones I've visited in the Jewelry District of Downtown Los Angeles use Rapaport pricing matrix. They use a multiplier (E.g., 75%) and tell you they're discounting 25% (cash price) from the Rapaport and call it a day. Also, they never talk about cut proportions. They lump all diamonds as one ideal cut. I feel like it's such a gimmick. Ex: F, SI2, 2.01 ct, Triple Ex. The price was around $17k cash out the door (originally ~$22-24k) with many inclusions on the table. In comparison Ex: G, SI1, 2.05 ct, Triple Ex - $20.5k out the door
  7. Thank you both for the insight and the photos!! I genuinely appreciate all of your help. I prefer steering away from strong blue fluorescence now. Looking at diamonds have become an interesting hobby after work lately. There's something about it that keeps me wanting to know more about it. Also, these replies have really got me searching for one without table inclusions and cannot find any within this price range. It seems I may have to increase my budget... Question 1) Any tips for how to shop for a diamond online if the cut proportions are arbitrary? I stumbled on this one: 2ct, G, SI2, Triple Ex, and no fluorescence for $17k. What do you think? Even though there is no fluorescence, I am guessing this one is cheaper (by $1k) because of having more inclusions than the first diamond in the forum posted above. Question 2: Are the inclusions on this second diamond affecting structural integrity in any way? It is an SI1 and it looks like some of the feathers may span from the crown to the pavilion. Question 3: Are these inclusions considered eye-clean? The brown inclusions circled at 2 o'clock and 5 o'clock look like it can be seen with the naked eye. The 2 areas circled within the table may look eye-clean... not sure. Question 4: How is the IdealScope? I see some slight white areas in the bottom of the table, but otherwise pretty good. Question 5: If on a budget, do you prefer the first diamond or second one in this form? I will continue my search for a diamond around $20k to see if I can find one without table inclusions. Crossing my fingers. Thank you!
  8. Still trying to decide if this is worth the $18k. I can live with the inclusion on the table since it will eye-clean. My main concern is: 1) light return - the message is clear in this forum about the "ideal" but arbitrary proportions may not mean anything. What would define excellent light return? Only through images of IdealScope or ASET? If so, I should purchase a scope for this diamond and return it if the light return is poor. What are your thoughts? 2) blue fluorescence in daylight - I love the discount... but I've watched some videos of strong and very strong blue fluorescence and not sure if she'd like the blue fluorescence. From your experience, do fiances-to-be mind? Thanks again.
  9. How is the H&A image? Is it excellent? Decent? Poor?
  10. What will a strong blue fluorescence do to the diamond?
  11. Thank you both for your expertise and breaking it down for my understanding. I haven't really considered re-selling. However, that is actually something important to consider since this is basically a commodity investment. Do you know how much the industry would buy this back for if the diamond is in original condition? I'm guessing if I lose more than half of its value... I may consider looking for a better stone. Again, thank you for your time.
  12. Thank you. I'm very relieved that it will be eye clean! I am new to purchasing a diamond, but what detriments will I have if there is an inclusion in the center table? Is it because the re-sale value will be significantly affected? The 4Cs are 2.05c, Round triple Ex, G, and SI1 for $18000 US dollars. Also, the diameter is 0.1-0.2mm larger than the average 2ct seen online through my search; I am hoping that the diameter could bump up the value. Overall, is this diamond a good value despite the center inclusion? In comparison, other 2 carat diamonds with similar proportions and G or better color are about $2000-$3000 more in cost. That is why I am considering this stone. Thanks again for your time.
  13. Thank you for the replies, Furqan Shafi and davidelevi. Here is a photo of the inclusions. Do you think it will be noticeable with the naked eye? It is a remote sale. I wish I could see the diamond in person because I am worried about the inclusion not being eye-clean. Would you recommend that I request for an actual IdealScope or other types of images? Thanks again.
  14. 2.054 carat, round, triple Ex, $18k Depth: 60.6% Table: 57% Crown angle: 34% Pavillion angle: 40.6% Diameter: 8.21 to 8.24mm Girdle: Thin to Medium 3% HCA: 0.6 1) Are the proportions any good for light return? I hear ideal CA is 34.3 to 34.9%, PA is 40.6 to 40.9%, Depth is 59-61.8%, and table is 54-57%. This is the closest I could find. 2) How are the IdealScopes? Thank you! Let me know if you need further details.