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    Advice needed on a large table diamond

    I thought shallower crown angles were preferable to people who want Brilliant Ideal Cut? Is this wrong? Is a low crown angle that bad?
  2. Hi, I need some advice on a diamond. I am looking at this one currently. The depth looks perfect, pavilion angle perfect, no culet, medium facet, colour/clarity/carat are perfect to me. It ticks all the boxes except one, it has a large table. 61%, I know this is way outside the 'ideal' range and should hurt the fire/scintilation. Does this really matter? The HCA score is still low, I've seen it in person and it is eye clean and to me its quite sparkly, but the brilliance of the diamond is particularly important to my girlfriend and I am worried that the large table will hurt. The upside is that the thing does look huge, next to a 1.35 it looked bigger! I have about a day to decide before the jeweler sends it back. Help!