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  1. chris2020

    Advice needed, 2 diamond on hold for 24HRS

    Well gang yall are awesome, I really appreciate the advice. Realistically I will end up choosing the larger one if they are pretty similar. Thanks You!
  2. chris2020

    Advice needed, 2 diamond on hold for 24HRS

    The videos should be able to be viewed in the initial post. Attached are those ASET images So bottom ASET is the 2.1carat
  3. chris2020

    Advice needed, 2 diamond on hold for 24HRS

    The problem of the side by side comparison is one is in India and the other New York. And i did inquire about holding the diamonds longer but it would have to be put on the website first for 24 hrs before another hold unfortunately. And I am sure it would be pointless debating a silly holding policy, I am sure the employees are just doing what they have been instructed.
  4. chris2020

    Advice needed, 2 diamond on hold for 24HRS

    I did get an ASET image done on both of these if that is the same as a stark white video. I am not sure how much validity there is in the ASET, apparently no local jewelers knew anything about it. The ASET of the 2.1 is superior for sure. In the end if non jewelers ie friends and family honestly cant tell a difference in brilliance between the two in the real world, one is larger which would be my decision maker. And i totally get brilliance is something that is really best determined in person, that real appreciation can't be obtained by videos because there are so many factors that do into these things more then just specs on a certificate.
  5. chris2020

    Advice needed, 2 diamond on hold for 24HRS

    The diamond finder tool on this forum is simply amazing by the way. Very cool!
  6. chris2020

    Advice needed, 2 diamond on hold for 24HRS

    Thank yall so much for the help so far. The experts here on this forum really are a great help, you have no idea. Yes of course I would want to contact a store before because I would not want anyone to feel uncomfortable or do anything to offend a jeweler by bringing a foreign product in their store. And in the end if the opinion is both are nice diamonds and I cant really go wrong with either so be it. And regarding a couple hundred dollar saving price shopping I am not terribly worried about that, JA's staff had been very helpful with questions and that's obviously worth a certain $ amount. Now if it was thousand cheaper I obviously would have to do whats best for me, wedding i am sure will be pricey for me to ensure no one goes hungry or thirsty
  7. chris2020

    Advice needed, 2 diamond on hold for 24HRS

    Regarding the statement at the "top of the market" this is regarding price correct, ie maybe a tad over priced? If so in your opinion the 2.05 might be hundreds or thousands off? Sorry for the silly questions, that's why I wanted to talk to the unbiased experts.
  8. chris2020

    Advice needed, 2 diamond on hold for 24HRS

    Thank you so much for your input and quick reply, this buying process is very stressful! It seems there is much conflicting information out between local jewelers, especially information that suits their best interest. I am glad you brought up the florescence, one jeweler said their diamond would be be much better due to these having mild and faint florescence which he claimed would make theses look cloudy. Any GIA report I read regarding an I color mild or faint Florence claimed it reakky wouldn't make much of a difference. My idea as well instead of every jeweler just saying theirs would be better, is purchase one of these two and use the 30 day return policy to make comparisons with the local guys. In the end, I really like the idea of supporting local business and if they can find something better bang for buck but keeping size and quality I would be open to purchasing from them. I am hoping having a diamond in hand would help for comparison and negotiation. If not one locally can compete with one of these and these are the "best deal" then it is what it is and I will go ahead and mount it.
  9. Hey experts, I am looking to but an engagement and needed some opinions. I was leaning towards 2.0+ carat diamonds, emerald cut, VS2-VVS1 clarity, I-G color, GIA certified. I totally understand one gets what they pay for but there is such a huge difference in price. I understand the cut, steps, contrast, florescence, etc all have to be considered together when pricing a diamond which I was hoping you could help me out with. These two diamonds are the ones I have on hold for 24 hrs. Do yall think they are a fair deal or keep shopping? Between the two is one superior $12,700 and $14100 respective? Thank you in advance!